Ever so often we get the opportunity to wander off into the wild.  Sometimes, you find these little spots in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the City, without a trace of humans around.  I recently found a spot, almost in the shadow of the Hamilton Gardens (Winner of the 2014 International Gardens Trophy).  It is flanked by the might Waikato River on one side, and by an ancient flood bank on the other, with the most beautiful lush forest and scrub in between.  

This was the scene of a lovely shoot with Mish - a bohemian of stature!  Enjoy the images below.

In the first set Mish is wearing a simple yet very effective and flowing sun dress.


In the secod set, we played a little with the costumes she has designed - and you have to admit, this is a very Alice-In-Wonderland look.  She used 120 meters for the skirt!



The wonderful location is at the river pier (Hamilton Gardens)